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At A1 Garage Doors of Las Vegas we provide servicing for all the various leading brands available. We also offer 24/7 same day service at no additional cost. You will always reach a live person or at the least receive a call back within 10 minutes if our scheduler is away from her desk or on the other line. All our technicians are professional , courteous and trained by one of the best in the business. Quality parts and service make A1 the obvious best choice for all your garage door repair or replacement needs. No job is to big or too small so give us a call.

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  • Replace Broken Springs
  • Repair or Replace Damaged Garage Door
  • Repair or Replace Broken Garage Door Opener
  • Accessories & Parts
  • Garage Door Tune-Ups

Finding the Best Las Vegas Garage Door Company

If you take pride in the appearance of your home its important to remember that the garage is an extension of your house and if your garage doors dont look good then your home doesnt look good. If your doors are made of steel or fiberglass they may be full of dents and dings. A wooden garage door can look weathered and the paint can peel, requiring painting every few years. If your doors are looking worse for wear or are in need of repair, its time to call a Las Vegas garage door company.

You have many options available if you want to install a new garage door, including the materials they are made of as well as the style and color. Of course the garage doors you choose will depend on your budget, the style of your home and how you actually use your garage. If your garage is just used for your car or storage, your choice may not be as important but if your garage is also a workshop or family area then you really need to consider an insulated garage door. A knowledgeable Las Vegas garage door company will be able to help you decide on which door will be best.

Where to Look for a Qualified Las Vegas Garage Door Company

So how do you go about finding a reliable Las Vegas garage door company? It’s time to get on the computer and do a search for some garage door companies in your area. You’ll probably find a number of sites that offer a database of qualified and reliable garage door companies.

Try talking with friends and family. Most property owners have a garage and if they’ve ever had a garage door repaired or a new one installed they might be able to recommend a good Las Vegas garage door company. Also check at your local home building supply centers. They may be able to suggest someone or point you toward their bulletin board where garage door companies and other contractors will often leave their business cards.

A Las Vegas Garage Door Company can Help with Your Ideas

You might already know exactly what you want if you’re looking for a garage door. If you’re unsure how to choose the right door, a Las Vegas garage door company representative will have a number of options available that will be suited to the style of your home. If you have something special in mind or your garage door has a unique size or shape opening the Las Vegas garage door company can usually create a custom made door that looks like it is original to your home.

Of course budget will play a big role in the garage door you choose. Garage doors can be as simple as the typical three panel overhead door or as elegant as redwood carriage doors. The price can vary just as much, from just a few hundred dollars for the budget minded to several thousands for those with a bigger expense account. But even a budget door can improve the appearance of your home and add some real value when it comes to curb appeal.

In order to make the best choice for your home you need to talk with an experienced Las Vegas garage door company. Once you make initial contact by either calling or submitting a request for more information online, a garage door company representative can have a look at your garage, take some measurements, suggest the best options and write up a quote for the doors a Remember that different companies will offer different styles and different price points, so talk with a few companies before you make your final decision.

Choosing Your Las Vegas Garage Door Company

Once you’ve decided on a Las Vegas garage door company, make sure you get a contract. A garage door might seem like a simple thing but if something goes wrong you want to know you have some guarantee that the problem will be fixed. Ask about a warranty from the garage door manufacturer. If the materials are inferior or fail to hold up, you will need to have the door replaced. Make certain that your contract states that any repairs or replacements for a specific length of time after installation will not be at your expense.
The garage is a part of your property’s curb appeal. If your garage doors are weathered with peeling paint or if they are dented or not fitting properly in the frame, it can make your whole exterior look bad. A Las Vegas garage door company can work with you to fix the problem and help make your property look beautiful again. You can increase the value of your property by adding a new garage door, giving it the added curb appeal you’re looking for. Just make certain that when you decide to have the job done that you choose a qualified Las Vegas garage door company that you can trust.

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On a fine Tuesday morning while I was taking out my car to go to office the garage door failed to open beyond a point. On the advice of my neighbor who had faced similar problems with his garage door, I decided to call A1 Garage Doors of Las Vegas for help. The service men arrived in a short while and found out that my garage door spring needed a replacement. They really provided quick service and I could figure out that they were highly skilled professional garage door service men. They really saved my day!
Michelle B. - Las Vegas
Recently my garage door was making a lot of noise while opening and it had become very slow in the opening too. I used a lot of technique to repair the door but was unable to repair it. Finally my friend suggested me A1 Garage Doors of Las Vegas for the repair work of the garage door. I called them and they reached my home in a short while and began their repair work. They had diagnosed the problem within no time and suggested me spring replacement of the doors. They worked very swiftly and had the door functioning within no time. They were real professionals when it came to repairing of garage doors.
Henry M. - Las Vegas
Professional, on time, answers all questions, personable, great cleanup job, works with confidence and with care. He did the job right. I already sent you a message regarding the great quality of his work.
William S. - Las Vegas